Grooming FAQ

I'm interested in having my dog groomed, can you tell me more?

I carry out dog grooming in your dog's familiar environment (its home). I am a member of IPG (International Professional Groomers), and hold my CAPG (Certified Advanced Professional Groomer) certificate, a current pet first aid certificate as well as an up to date DBS.

What do you need from me?

I bring all my equipment with me. All I need from you is a bath/ shower/ sink to wash the dog (I clean it all down afterwards with a natural cleaner) and then somewhere with a nearby plug socket to set my table up.  Oh, and obviously your dog!

Why would in-house suit me/ my dog?

In-house grooming is perfect for nervous pets who can't cope with a standard grooming environment. I work one on one with your pet in their home, so they don't see any unfamiliar dogs (great if they're reactive). The groom is taken at their pace at a time convenient for you.

My dog has never been groomed before, is this okay?

I work with several puppies, or other dogs who have never been groomed before. I do a 'puppy intro', where I will bath and dry and trim any bits which may need trimming. I aim to make this a positive experience, so will only do as much as your dog is happy with (or use various tools to work around any issues). Building on positive experiences = further positive experiences.